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Reviews of the Top 10 Bodybuilding Programs of 2024

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Bodybuilding Programs of 2024. Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each bodybuilding program, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Bodybuilding.com image
If you’re looking to bulk or up just improve your health and body image then Bodybuilding.com might be the answer for you. With a massive amount of information and a competitive price range on a vast number of products, this is a candy shop for anyone who’s serious about getting into bodybuilding or for bodybuilding veterans. We were most impressed by the organisation of...

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Muscle And Strength image
If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for body building then look no further. Muscle&Strength is a well organised, professional community site that helps you to find workouts and products to make the most of your body. The first thing to note is that there are plenty of different workouts to choose from. Whether it’s muscle building, fat loss, strength, ab workouts, exercises for...

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Fitness Atlantic image
If you’re interested in amateur and professional bodybuilding competitions then FitnessAtlantic is the site for you. The vast amount of information on the site is completely free to access and covers a good range of bodybuilding issues. The site is also tailored to give information on specific bodybuilding aims and goals, such as desiring a bikini body, or to be a male muscle model....

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Jason Ferruggia’s Body Building image
Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Body Building Programs presents itself as a no-nonsense bodybuilding website that cuts through the mass of information which can swamp other sites. According to the site “there is only one rule: keep it simple, basic and old school”. It’s not quite clear what is meant by old school, particularly as the workouts are all available using PDF files, but let’s not...

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Bodybuilding Revealed image
If you value experience over razzmatazz and you’re looking for a reliable, safe system for body building and toning, then BodyBuildingRevealed may be a program worth considering. It’s developed by Will Brink, a man with well over a decade’s experience as an industry consultant, and who has published several books on controlling body fat and muscle. What we also like about Will is that...

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Muscle Hack image
Muscle Hack is a site that focuses on reducing fat and increasing muscle. You’ll notice a number of customer testimonials with photos, demonstrating the effectiveness of the various programs that are available. Whilst much of the information is free, the actual specific program details usually come at a cost, but the site’s creator, Mark McMannus, aims to keep as much free content as possible....

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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle image
Are you looking to lose a few pounds, or just to say goodbye to that extra tyre around your midriff? BurnTheFat.com is a site exclusively for people who are hoping to shed the fatty pounds through a combination of exercise and healthy eating. As such it’s not necessarily a site for people who are looking to bulk up, but for anyone who wants to...

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Beach Body image
BeachBody is a high octane, high pressure, intense fitness regime to help you achieve the ideal body and level of fitness. It’s not for the weak minded or the weak hearted, rather it requires dedication to work through its extreme exercise program, which lasts 60 days. Since this exercise system only lasts for 2 months you’re not expected to keep up the intense training...

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Max Workouts image
MaxWorkouts.com offers a comprehensive exercise regime which describes itself as an intensive system. The program lasts just 90 days and aims to reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass. If nothing else this ought to get you to a point where you are happy with your muscle:fat ratio, although of course you’ll need to continue in some kind of exercise program to...

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Weight Gain Blueprint image
Are you teased for being under weight? Called a beanpole, a slim jim, and things beside? Well the creator of Weight Gain Blueprints was, but is no more! In just 19 weeks he managed to pack on 38 pounds of muscle with a variety of dietary and exercise techniques and now – for a price – he’s willing to share them with you. Let’s...

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