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Chad Howse Fitness Powerhouse Challenge Reviews

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Category: Bodybuilding Programs
Website: http://www.chadhowsefitness.com

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Chad Howse Fitness Powerhouse Challenge Review

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Welcome to Chad’s world. As soon as you access the site you’ll see what we mean. It consists of just two pages: a home page, with a video introduction by Chad telling you how he now gets the girls with new confidence and his athletic, toned, muscular body, whilst also badmouthing extreme body builders and power lifters. The home page also has a lovingly written letter, from Chad to you, with a black and white artiste shot of his ripped body. So, Chad might have got the muscles he dreamed of, but you do have to wonder about his ego a little.

But you’re not in the market for an ego, so what does Chad offer? Well the second page is simply a sales page, with no extra information available to you. There is a small photo of the products you’ll receive, as on the home page, yet the books are laid out in such a way that you can’t actually read the titles, so there’s no way of being sure about what it is that you’re actually paying for. As for extra information or advice, forget it. There is no additional information on the site, except in the form of Chad’s introduction video.

The video itself is actually quite informative and Chad clearly knows a bit about body building. However you have to watch it from the beginning, so if you want to rehear anything that was said then you’ll need to reload the page and sit through the x minutes of footage that came before the segment you’re interested in. Not exactly ideal! He also has a massive focus on ectomorph body types and is quite dismissive of any others, so his system is clearly suited to people who have the same body type as Chad.

The products, although not actually described on the site, consist of a series of books which inform you how to put on 32 pounds of muscle in 32 weeks. You also receive a 3-book series which break down the powerhowse (yes, howse rather than house) challenge into stages, and a ‘fast and furious cardio’ text. Aside from the books on training techniques, the PowerHowse Challenge also comes with a healthy meal plan book. This outlines the sorts of meals you might eat to help develop your muscle using the plan. Meanwhile Chad also provides an exercise series DVD, although because he provides no details at all it’s difficult to say what the DVD actually contains.

Based on the information Chad provides on his video, his system works. At least, it works for him and people with the same body type as him. But the site has no information on it, so it’s very difficult to recommend the PowerHowse Challenge over any other body building programs around.

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