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Anabolic Cooking Review

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AnabolicCooking.com offers a range of products in one 7-part package to help you stay healthy and nourished whilst building muscle. It comes with 7 components to offer a comprehensive dietary package, all at a fairly reasonable price.

The package itself seems fairly good value as you receive a lot of practical information on how to cook and how to stay healthy, as well as recipes which ought to help you develop your muscle mass. However it is definitely important to know that Anabolic Cooking is only downloadable as an e-book (viewing using adobe acrobat) and you will not receive a physical product such as a set of books, which may be a disappointment to some as it is often easier to flick through a recipe book in the kitchen than it is to take your laptop in there with you. That said, an e-book does have several advantages, including the potential to search through the PDF for key words or to skip to a page without having to physically remember where you last left the book.

The 7 components of this dietary body building package are thus: a cookbook with more than 200 recipes (apparently valued at $147), a complete nutrition and cooking quick start guide, anabolic cooking meal plans, a calorie calculator, a training and food log, a document about the negative truths regarding supplements and unlimited free updates to your information.  Each comes with a “value” price, which seems to be plucked out of the air, with the site claiming that the complete package ought to cost over $400. The actual price is far far less, just $47, so the producers clearly don’t think it’s worth the initial price tag!

The site contains a lot of information about the products, as well as reassuring customer testimonials. You can also email AnabolicCooking staff for more information should you need it, but there is no information regarding training schedules or general information on body building. As such this is merely a sales site for people who are interested in staying healthy and nourished whilst they body build.

This is a fine and important idea: body builders put their bodies under a lot of strain to build muscle, and a proper, nourishing diet is vital. It’s also good to see that the bodybuilder’s diet isn’t restricted to boiled chicken and broccoli. However much of the information provided by Anabolic Cooking is probably already circulating around the internet, or between body builders who don’t want the same old bland food day in day out. That said, it might very well be useful to have all of this information in one place, from a company who seems to know what they’re talking about.

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