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Jason Ferruggia’s Body Building Reviews

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Jason Ferruggia’s Body Building Review

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Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Body Building Programs presents itself as a no-nonsense bodybuilding website that cuts through the mass of information which can swamp other sites. According to the site “there is only one rule: keep it simple, basic and old school”. It’s not quite clear what is meant by old school, particularly as the workouts are all available using PDF files, but let’s not be too picky.

There’s a peculiar predilection towards profanity on the site, which is to say that – for some reason – Jason Ferruggia likes to swear. Looking beyond the rough and ready exterior, though, the site is professional and well organised. Renegade Rules has appeared in popular magazines such as Men’s Fitness, ESPN and Maximum Fitness, so there’s a sense that he does know what he’s talking about. You’ll also discover a large number of “before” and “after” shots from satisfied customers who have used the training programs to great effect.

If you’re just browsing the site then you should get a decent idea of the sort of things you’ll expect: downloadable training programs, access to a store, blog and social elements. We’ll come to each of these shortly. Anyone can apply to receive a free copy of “The 10 Biggest Mistakes that Prevent Muscle Growth” by simply submitting their email address, which might give some idea as to the sort of advice you’ll receive. However it would be useful to have a few little free workout samples to get a better sense of what to expect for paid membership.

Paying members are allowed into the Renegade Inner Circle, which allows them several key bonuses. One of the most important of these is the personal coaching. Essentially this means that Jason will respond to any training or nutritional questions you have personally. The site has a fairly high price tag and this explains why, but if you think of the amount you’d spend on a nutritionist and personal trainer then the price tag suddenly seems a lot better value. The site also offers its paying members a weekly workout, including warm ups, exercises, sets, reps and rest periods, which is a great way to keep your sessions diverse and moving towards a realistic goal. Members can also access videos or post their own so that the coaches can critique their techniques and methods, which is a great idea and one you’ll rarely see elsewhere. They’ll also be able to listen to MP3s and access training and nutrition logs to make sure that the program is on target. However, the site offers much more of a focus on training that it does on nutrition and there’s definitely room for improvement on this front.

Bodybuilding can be a somewhat solitary time if you let it become so. As such the site offers a few community elements (such as a blog and the ability to track the most popular topics of conversation). This is good to see, although it’s not as extensive as some other sites, which allow you to share in-depth training programs with one another. Still, the ability to converse with other body builders is by no means a bad thing.

Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Body Building Programs might seem like the bad boy of the bodybuilding world but beneath its tough exterior is a well considered site that offers a good range of professionally designed workout programs. The interactive nature of the site (in particular the ability to upload your own videos for others to critique) makes this one somewhat unique, and a good candidate for beginners and more experienced bodybuilders alike.

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