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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Review

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Are you looking to lose a few pounds, or just to say goodbye to that extra tyre around your midriff? BurnTheFat.com is a site exclusively for people who are hoping to shed the fatty pounds through a combination of exercise and healthy eating. As such it’s not necessarily a site for people who are looking to bulk up, but for anyone who wants to improve their appearance, health and confidence. The exercises available are not for massive muscle men, but are suitable for normal people, including those in their later years.

The program costs almost $100 but this covers a year’s membership and allows you access to a range of useful features. You will gain access to the author of several important books on weight loss (one of which became number 1 on Amazon.com) through the site’s various forums. In fact there are several forums to choose from through which you can discuss important fat loss issues or just chin wag about other things which you’re having difficulty with. These can be a great motivational tool as it’s good to remember that you’re not alone in your struggles. Paying members also get access to a knowledge database and article library which provides a large amount of information on training, nutrition, motivation and more.

If you’d rather listen to experts talking about fat loss and muscle gain than read about it, the site provides MP3 and streams of interviews and podcasts which you can download, put on an MP3 player or even burn to CD. As such you can listen to them in your own time on the drive to work or as you exercise. Burn The Fat’s exercise and diet program also provides a nutrition calculator to help you keep a check on what you’re eating and how that might affect your body. This includes extras such as calculating your ideal water intake and target bodyweight to make sure you’re feeding yourself properly. Additionally you can check out a series of fat burning recipes which have been created and tested by Tom, the site’s creator.

We were pleased to see that the psychology of weight loss was also an important factor on the site. As well as supportive forums and articles, you can learn about the relationship between exercise and behaviour changes, as well as skills to stick with your diet and exercise program. As an ultimate motivational tool the site also offers free entry into the “Burn the Fat Challenge Contest”, where the winner gets a trip to Maui.

Despite all of these useful features the site is quite clumsily designed, with the majority of information on one lengthy home page. Customer support only comes as an online form, and there is little in the way of free information or links to other exercise, health and lifestyle pages. Whilst the exercise and dietary information is pretty good it doesn’t always reach the level of depth that you’ll find on some other sites. This is a solid site and exercise program with a focus on fat loss. As such it’s suitable for a lot of people but it isn’t necessarily the most practical site for people who are looking to put on a lot of muscle. Its community elements are a great idea and should help keep users motivated when in their darkest hour.

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