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Bodybuilding Revealed Review

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If you value experience over razzmatazz and you’re looking for a reliable, safe system for body building and toning, then BodybuildingRevealed may be a program worth considering. It’s developed by Will Brink, a man with well over a decade’s experience as an industry consultant, and who has published several books on controlling body fat and muscle. What we also like about Will is that he explains things in a no nonsense way, without being patronising. He also seems to be a real professional, not advocating drugs but looking more towards a natural, safe approach, whilst explaining that body building isn’t all about beefing up to competition standard, but that it’s also just for people who want to lose fat and gain a bit of tone and muscle.

So what can you expect from the Bodybuilding Revealed package?  Well, a fairly standard product in some respects, but one that is reinforced with experience and research. What really stands out is the amount of excellent support you get afterwards, with instant access to a knowledge base (which includes over 10,000 pages of information) and the ability to make direct contact with a group of specialists for advice. This could be invaluable and means that this service offers better value for money than most. You can also view videos and read articles without having signed up for the paid program, which is a great extra even if you decide to use a program on another site.

The actual website is fairly well designed, split into subsections depending on what you need. You can read success stories, expert reviews, FAQs, articles and more. We were also pleased to see that you can access an online meal planner, which will help you to make sure you’re receiving all the nourishment your body needs during the exercise program. However, this could be expanded (some sites provide recipes and in depth breakdowns of nutrition) and more interactive content would be of great use, particularly in terms of keeping a check on the exercises you’ve been doing to make sure that they’re advancing on target. Some sample diet plans and exercise schedules would also give a good ideas as to the sort of things to expect from the program so that potential customers can decide whether or not it will be at the appropriate level, with the appropriate targets for them.

The program comes in the form of a PDF file, which is cheaper than keeping a paper copy. Will is also happy for you to print this off, which means you can make copies or take particular pages with you to the gym if you need to. If you do decide to pay for the package then you’ll also receive several free gifts, including manuals to exercise, supplements and diet. The site also provides access to printable wall charts, and it all comes with a 60 day guarantee.

Although the actual product on offer doesn’t seem all that much different to others you’ll find, we were impressed by the site’s dedication to honest information and customer support. If you’re new to body building then this could well be worth a look as you’ll gain access to a lot of information, which makes this very good value for money.

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