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Muscle Hack Review

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Muscle Hack is a site that focuses on reducing fat and increasing muscle. You’ll notice a number of customer testimonials with photos, demonstrating the effectiveness of the various programs that are available. Whilst much of the information is free, the actual specific program details usually come at a cost, but the site’s creator, Mark McMannus, aims to keep as much free content as possible.

Mark is particularly impressive and plays a vital role in the site. On the homepage you’ll find a few words from him outlining his dedication to an honest and professional service. This is admirable, but when you look into the site in more detail you’ll also find that Mark goes to great lengths to provide as much of a hands-on personal approach as possible. His blog posts are insightful and unpretentious, offering genuine practical advice on diet and workout particulars. Visitors who leave messages on the posts also receive responses from Mark, who is happy to provide some extra details, explanations and advice. As such you gain access to a professional body builder, his insight and know-how, free of charge!

Not everything is free though, the man has to make a living! There is merchandise available to purchase at fairly reasonable prices, and he also charges for a number of the workout programs. Sometimes this is simply because the programs he recommends aren’t his own, but ones that he believes really work. So you’ll find yourself redirected to other sales sites to pay for workout programs fairly regularly, although sometimes it’s cheaper to buy it through MuscleHack than it is to get it elsewhere. The programs are generally for specific body parts, so it’s useful if you want to work on improving one element of your physique, such as maximising your arms or attaining great abdominal muscles quickly.

If you’re interested in making new bodybuilding acquaintances then the site has a Facebook page, although this area could really be expanded on. If Mark included a few forums then his followers could get chatting about key issues and areas of interest, which they could each pitch in on, or follow his sagely advice. Another area for improvement could be in the dietary information provided. Whilst there are some recipes available they don’t often look all that appetising, and a much greater range (even just links to other recipe sites) would really help to develop this area to provide information on how to stay healthy when bodybuilding.

Overall we were impressed by the amount of free insight available, though it is overshadowed by larger sites which provide a greater range. After all the majority of the information on Muscle Hack is from just one man, so he can’t really compete. That said the positive side of such an intimate site is that the creator is able to respond personally to questions and inquiries.  Given the professional approach taken, we think that the exercise programs on sale are likely to be effective for most people, but they aren’t always the cheapest. We therefore recommend the site as an additional resource to take advantage of if you’re body building, or as a key source if you’re looking to focus on particular parts of your body.

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