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Category: Bodybuilding Programs
Website: http://www.musclehack.com

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Muscle Hack Costs & Features

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  • the site offers free information.
  • Products such as workout DVDs and books are available to purchase using Visa or Mastercard, please check the site for details. For example: The “Total Six Packs Abs” and “Arms Blast” package is available for $29.99.
  • Build muscle, burn fat: the site is dedicate to building muscle and hacking fat.
  • Scientific: backed up by scientific theory.
  • Reliable: no contradictory advice.
  • Free tips: read exclusive hints on body building.
  • Build muscle fast: find out how to bulk up quickly.
  • It works: read testimonials from people this program has worked for.
  • Free e-book: download a free electronic book on Targeted Hypertrophy Training.
  • Blog: read exclusive articles on a blog.
  • Archives: find years of information in the site’s archives.
  • Subscribe: receive emails with the latest advice.
  • Professionalism: no sell outs, no fake recommendations, no unnecessary sales jargon.
  • Secure: your email address remains private.
  • 2 diets: find out about the MANS and GLAD bodybuilding diets.
  • Community: join the site’s community on Facebook.
  • New programs: find out about new programs such as the “total six pack abs” and “arms blast experiment revealed” systems.
  • Merchandise: buy exclusive products from the online shop.
  • Mark McManus: find out about the site’s creator and his philosophies on bodybuilding.
  • Recipes: view recipes that will help keep you nourished and bulked up.
  • Calculators: use calculators to help you work out how quickly you need, and the sort of program you’ll need, to reach your goals.


For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website. Click on the button below to check out MuscleHack.com for yourself...

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