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If you’re looking to bulk or up just improve your health and body image then BodyBuilding.com might be the answer for you. With a massive amount of information and a competitive price range on a vast number of products, this is a candy shop for anyone who’s serious about getting into bodybuilding or for bodybuilding veterans.

We were most impressed by the organisation of the site, particularly given how much information there is available (for free) on it. There are several main tabs, each of which opens into subsections, each of which leads to a wealth of information for the bodybuilding enthusiast.

  We were most impressed by the organisation of the site, particularly given how much information there is available (for free) on it.  

Let us take you on one such journey…Imagine that you’re someone who’s looking to work on the legs a little to improve their muscle tone. Okay, so first of all you can look into the variety of ways that you are able to achieve this. First you choose from:

  • “find a plan” (a section which simply gives you predesigned workout plans);
  • “store” (from which you can purchase equipment and supplements);
  • “BodySpace” (a kind of social networking site for fitness fanatics);
  • “workouts” (quick-to-access exercise schedules);
  • “nutrition” (information on eating healthily);
  • “supplementation” (information on which supplements would help);
  • “motivation” (a subsection which provides inspirational articles and videos);
  • “forum” (an area for chatting to others and asking for tips);
  • “more” (an area specially designed for unique groups such as teens, sports people or military personnel).

Well, you could go to several of these areas, but let’s stick with “workouts” for now. Here we can see a variety of featured workouts, or choose from areas such as “programs, muscle groups, stretches, exercises, gyms” and more. You’re looking to improve your leg muscles so head to “muscle groups”. Here you find that the main body muscle groups are broken down for you.

In fact, there are several leg muscles so you can choose one in particular or just the legs in general. If you choose “legs” you are then given a list (again broken up) of 160 exercises for your legs, which you can sort by the date they were added or who wrote the work out. This is just one minor section of the site, so you can just imagine how much information there is available on the whole thing.

Primarily, Bodybuilding.com makes its money from selling products (mainly supplements) through its online shop. In fact, BodyBuilding.com is the number one online supplements seller in the world, having provided over 10 million customers with goods. As such, their buying power is massive and you’ll find very competitive prices available.

The shop is well organised, again with subsections, or you can perform searches based on the ingredients, brands, goals and current sales that you prefer. Customers are able to rate the products and provide feedback, much in the same way that Amazon customers do, so you can make informed purchasing decisions from people who really know what they’re talking about.

  BodyBuilding.com is the number one online supplements seller in the world, having provided over 10 million customers with goods.  

As well as exercise information the site contains a lot of information on nutrition, which is equally vital if you’re planning on body building. Regularly updated articles and tips provide you with very current information in a bite-size manner, and range from articles on food risks (such as potential issues with raw eggs and milk) to the sorts of foods you should eat before a competition.

You can also find out about essential nutrients and the site provides nutritional tools and calculators. Since there are several community elements (including links to BodySpace) you can also share recipes with other users, which is a great way to keep your larder interesting and to make new friends.

You’ll also find a fair few tools for tracking your progress, including free downloadable (and printable) calendars. A number of the programs also provide an online calendar, in which you simply click on the date and it tells you what you need to do during your workout.

These workouts also recommend particular supplements or diet plans to go along with them, and many include video tutorials. Although this might seem like a subtle way to sell products, there’s no pressure to make a purchase, and the site doesn’t really push these sales in your face so promotions don’t seem too forceful.

Overall, we were very impressed by BodyBuilding.com. It’s easy to see why it’s an industry leader because there’s such a wealth of free information available. As well as this it offers several community features which should help to keep you inspired, as well as unique training programs and a high quality range of products at very reasonable prices.

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