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Weight Gain Blueprint Review

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Are you teased for being under weight? Called a beanpole, a slim jim, and things beside? Well the creator of Weight Gain Blueprints was, but is no more! In just 19 weeks he managed to pack on 38 pounds of muscle with a variety of dietary and exercise techniques and now – for a price – he’s willing to share them with you.

Let’s overlook the moral quandary of him feeling that he needed to put on weight to stop the casual bullying, and assume that most people who want to build their muscle are doing it for a myriad of personal reasons. What is it that sets this program aside from all the others out there? Well, in a word: speed. If the claims are to be believed then you too can bulk up in quick time. Apparently you can gain as much weight in one month as it might take a hard core trainer to do in years. Sounds promising doesn’t it?

Well, perhaps. The site recommends a variety of foods, exercises, supplements and hormones to help you on your way to muscle-heaven. As such if you’re not interested in any particular element of those recommendations then this might not be a good program for you. We were particularly pleased to read through an exclusive blog for WeightGainBluePrint.com, which provided detailed recipes and included information on the nutritional content of each, as this showed some genuine insight and some practical information for its users. This blog is free to access, and could prove a valuable resource.

As with many body building programs now, the information is provided as an e-book. It covers a range of things including general exercise information, dietary information and the ability to keep records on your progress. None of this is interactive, though, as it simply comes as a PDF, so you may wish to print off particular charts to fill in as you go. That said, you also receive some free gifts, which appear to include some tracking documents.

The site’s creator is brimming with confidence, and all too ready to shoot down all his rivals. He’s so confident that his system will succeed that he offers a 100% money back guarantee if you find that you haven’t gained a substantial amount of weight. He also promises to share his secrets, which include somewhat bizarre factoids such as how to gain weight whilst you sleep.

We weren’t necessarily convinced as to the quality of some of the information on offer, as much of the site seems concerned with “weight gain” rather than muscle building, although this is also an element. The site says it will offer help if you can’t access the PDFs properly, although there’s nothing else really to indicate that you’ll receive any support after paying for the products. The site is poorly constructed, with just one long home page outlining the creator’s war with being skinny (although to us he used to look simply ‘normal’) and various ramblings. As such it is hard to locate much information that is clear and definite, among the mass of first person narration.

This program isn’t for everyone. If you’re not interested in following this man’s precise methods, which include hormones, then you’re better off elsewhere. Although we were impressed with some of the information available, and felt a definite passion and knowledge base, we were also unconvinced that you’ll receive much help after you’ve paid up. However if you want to gain weight quickly and you’re willing to stick to the rules then this could be the program for you.

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