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BeachBody is a high octane, high pressure, intense fitness regime to help you achieve the ideal body and level of fitness. It’s not for the weak minded or the weak hearted, rather it requires dedication to work through its extreme exercise program, which lasts 60 days.

Since this exercise system only lasts for 2 months you’re not expected to keep up the intense training forever. It focuses on your general muscle tone and also the health of your heart. By the end of the program you ought to be a shining light of health and fitness! Some of this will include your diet as well as the exercise you’ve been doing, and so it’s important that you pay attention to how you fuel the exercise machine that will be your new body. The site offers a range of recipes and calendars to help you keep a check on the sort of nourishment your body has been receiving, with advice on the sorts of foods that will help you to stay in tip top condition.

The Beach Body program is also keen to emphasise the importance of recovery. When you take part in intense exercise your body undergoes a lot of physical pressure. Essentially your muscles are being stretched and strained, put under such intense work that they grow, but they also get damaged in the process. Therefore you need to rest your muscles so they have time to repair. This is all built into the system, so you’ll have to make sure you follow it accurately.

Paying for the complete package allows you the benefit of a few free extras, including a t-shirt and two extra exercise program DVDs. This provides some additional workouts once you’ve completed the 60 day program, which could be very useful in maintaining your muscular, healthy frame. If you do feel that your enthusiasm is waning then you can meet up with other users online in the site’s forum area. You may also sign up for a newsletter, which will send new information and news direct to your email inbox at no charge.

Customer support is available in an instant chat, through the FAQ or by sending the customer support team an email. This is great to see as few sites offer such a range. However we do get a distinct impression that once you’ve finished your 60 days there’s little in the way of supporting your new exercise regime, so you may need to move over to another system. Unless of course you’re happy to stay with such an intense program!

The results of this exercise program seem to speak for themselves. The various customer testimonials (including before and after shots) demonstrate just how much fat you can lose and how much muscle you can gain. This is a health program, not just a muscle-gain program, so you should expect your general fitness (physical and mental) to improve. However it comes with its own warnings, as the intensity of the regime isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking to improve your physique and take care of yourself, and you don’t mind putting in the effort then the Beach Body program could be the one for you.

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